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CEO, Fòs Feminista



Giselle Carino is the CEO of Fòs Feminista, a progressive and growing feminist alliance of local partner organizations that share a commitment to ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health care; eliminating violence against women, girls, and gender-diverse people; providing sex education; and advancing gender and reproductive justice by dismantling structural sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression.

Giselle is a political scientist and activist from Argentina. For more than twenty years, she has sought to mobilize change for reproductive justice across the Global South by building connections, amplifying voices, and establishing new ways to effectively meet the complex intersecting needs of women, girls, and gender-diverse people. In 2019, Giselle guided the organization, formerly known as IPPFWHR, through a period of transformation to become an intersectional feminist alliance for sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice.

Giselle holds degrees from the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires and New York University.