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The following five finalists will receive a USD $200,000 planning grant to help them strengthen, revise, and refine their proposals.

Maya Health Alliance | Wuqu' Kawoq


Delivering Safer Births: Connecting Indigenous Mothers, Midwives, Navigators, and Hospitals in Guatemala

Maya Health Alliance | Wuqu' Kawoq and safe+natal will equip midwives with an illustrated, checklist-based smartphone application that will help detect pregnancy complications and provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care for indigenous mothers.

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Jacaranda Health


Elevating Mothers' Voices to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes in Kenya

Jacaranda Health will improve outcomes for over three million mothers across four countries by amplifying mothers' voices, connecting them to lifesaving care, and using data to help government partners allocate maternal resources equitably.

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Intercultural Healthcare for Mothers and Infants in Rural Colombia

SinergiasONG will work with health professionals, educators, community leaders, and social sciences professionals to incorporate the community and ancestral health practices of ethnic and rural populations into healthcare systems.

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Lwala Community Alliance


Scaling Community-Led Health, Improving Maternal and Infant Outcomes in Kenya

Lwala, HopeCore, and Dandelion–three Kenyan-founded organizations–will scale community-led health, which empowers communities, professionalizes community health workers, and strengthens health facilities to save mothers and babies.

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Babies and Mothers Alive Foundation


Sustainably Improving Maternal and Newborn Health in Uganda

Babies and Mother Alive Foundation will scale a fully engaged partnership with district governments and the Ugandan Ministry of Health to improve maternal and newborn health.

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